The trainer has a good understanding of the concepts and has the ability to convey it.

Shrikant R Malagi:

I liked the way of explaination and making us to solve some programms helped us a lot to improve our confidence in programming.

Kantika R. Telkar

My friend recommended me to join ISCT for a course in C programming. I am fully satisfied with the course and will definitely suggest my friends and juniors to join here.

Priya N.P.

The sessions were interactive and fun, true meaning of learning in fun.

Pooja V

I appreciate the instructor's thorough knowledge of the subject matter. She was able to explain all the concepts, and to clarify any doubt. .

Ameya Bulusu

They clear all the doubts and make us to practice the concepts through assignments.

Aditya A.K

The explaination part was too good. It was the speaking skills that attracted me the most and it made to understand the concepts.

Disha Barge

The trainer was very good and friendly. so I was very comfortable with her teaching and I am satisfied with the institute.

Aishwarya Bali

All the concepts were taught very effectively. The trainer is perfect in teaching. Made me love programming within a week. Thank you.

Rachita Hosmani

Excellent faculty and structured teaching made the concepts crystal clear. Lab and class faculty has good control over the topics.

Anagha S. Kulkarni

Python teaching was good and the ability to answer the questions was appreciable. The depth of the subject was well known.

Gautam G Kongi

The python course teaching was awesome.

Aiswharya Patil Hiremath

The Autodesk 3DS-Max course was useful at college and profession level. Looking forward to get more exposure to other softwares in future at this institute.

Gayatri Honnavar

I liked the way of teaching and the way in which the doubts were cleared. I joined for Autodesk Revit course and found that it is one of the best software for civil. ISCT is the best training center. And also important thing is the certificate from Autodesk. Thank you for your support and guidance.

Kamalakar M.S.

The command on the language and the knowledge regarding the concepts were good in the faculty.

Shambavi A. Kubsad

The faculty interaction was good in Autodesk Revit Architecture course. Overall I had a good experience and got extra knowledge from the course.

Prajwal G

We enjoyed learning Java. Sir has complete knowledge about Java.

Pruthvik J. Shetty

Way of teaching is excellent as it is taught from basic level which gives better understanding. New things to learn every day.

Abhishek R