Soumya Patil:At ISCT, I Enjoyed learning C Programming and Data Structure. Teaching is Awesome. I never felt bored to attend classes here. The way you make us think is really appreciable.

Chetan Patil:In ISCT, Teaching is very good and helped me to understand the important concepts very clearly. The two-way interaction during class was also very helpfull.Anil Sir has great knowledge and teaching experience.

Anay: ISCT is a fantastic institution with all facilitites. The teaching here is awesome along with the lab. The theory and lab sessions are well planned and that makes the learning more effective. I request ISCT to continue being the same.

Pooja V: Enjoyed learning at ISCT

Varsha Doddamani: A reputed institution with good teaching staff. Adequate attention was given to the students.

Shruti: An international school with a proper blend of good faculty and infratstructure. ISCT is definitely the default destination for students in need of high-class training in IT. The memories of the days I spent here will long remain.

Praveen , Varun: Many in our batch who attended the classes are from non CS/IS. Before attending the classes, we felt that C and C++ is not really important for EC and EE branch. But after attending the classes we realized that these are a necessity for students of any branch. We learnt a lot about Data structures and C++.

Varsha Rao: ISCT has helped me in grasping the concepts of ASP.NET. Each concept is explained with examples which in turn helped me to understand and learn ASP.NET easily.

Ashwini Kalled: We got really good project Guidance from ISCT staff. All the teachers and sir's are really very kind, good and polite to us. We completed our project successfully with full enjoyment and effort.
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S = Simply Superb
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T = Talented

Pooja K.: I joined C Programming Course at ISCT in holidays. The course helped me in my 1st year of engineering.

Preeti: My seniors told me to learn C Programming before joining engineering. I enrolled in ISCT and it was a good decision. All teachers are very good here.

Rohit : Since C programming was totally new to me I learnt the course at ISCT in my holidays. This course helped me vry much in my 1st semester. I think all should learn C language before starting engineering.

Soumya K. :I am very much benefitted by learning C Programming at ISCT in my engineering studies. Like many others I also thought that C language is only for computer science students. However on joining civil engineering, I came to know that C programming is compulsory for all branches of engineering.

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