June 2020

Hi, welcome to "Systematic approach for entering engineering course".

So you are interested in engineering! Those of you looking to begin career in engineering will be pleased to discover that, not only is there a high demand for engineering graduates but also have a chance to earn high salaries.

Your engineering college life will be one of the most exciting years in your life. But you can easily lose focus if you are not prepared what to expect in engineering especially in first year.

Engineering graduates are logical thinkers blessed with excellent numerical and problem-solving skills. The careers open to engineering graduates are wide and varied, and you may wish to choose the career most relevant to your engineering specialization and related skills such as computer science, information science, mechanical, automobile, robotics, civil, electrical & electronics, electronics & communication, chemical engineering, instrumentation and so on.

In the first year every branch follow the same syllabus i.e. the subjects what you learn in first year is common for all branches of Engineering. Subject are physics, chemistry, computer programming, engineering drawing and electronics. Most of these subjects are not new to you. You have studied them in your previous years. But for many students computer programming using C language and engineering drawing will be totally new.

Of course, the two subjects will also be taught in the college. Programming in C language is unlike any of the subjects studied till now and colleges cannot teach each and every aspect of the subject to the students. With our 24 years of experience in this industry, we found that a student performs much better in computer programming if they have a prior foundation in logical thinking compared to a student who has no foundation in logic building and may become a bit frustrated in the first year.

Most of the colleges also expect every student to know the basics of "C Language" programming so that the student can easily follow the subject lectures in the college and perform better.

And this is exactly what we have been doing at ISCT since 25 years.

The course at ISCT focuses on building the skills/logic of a student to design and write programs. The student will be guided from very simple programs to increasingly complex techniques along with practical lab sessions. This basic skill is essential to a student's success in academics and a professional's success in the workplace.

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